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Credible, Evidence-Based Nutrition

When we went to work on creating a low glycemic, reduced sugar snack brand, there were a few criteria that we knew we had to meet.

First, Bridgepeak snacks had to taste great. Not just good. Great. Awesome. Amazing. Wow. That way, everyone could enjoy them.

Second, Bridgepeak snacks needed to be made from wholesome, natural ingredients. Clean label, nothing artificial.

Finally, Bridgepeak snacks needed to be reviewed by health and diet experts, following principles of evidence-based nutrition. We needed trusted experts on our path to bring all this together. Throughout our journey, we’ve worked with some wonderful partners to get us to our goal.

From Day One, we have worked to develop snacks that would be appropriate for people living with diabetes and pre-diabetes, as nutrition is an important consideration.

We treasure our partnership with Diabetes Canada and value their vision and mission to find a cure. As a result, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Diabetes Canada to help further research on diabetes and support those who are affected.

GI Labs was founded by worldwide experts in nutrition science, Dr. Alexandra Jenkins and Dr. Thomas Wolever, who were part of the group which launched the concept of the Glycemic Index. Bridgepeak worked with this team to understand how our simple mix of ingredients including sprouted super grains and seeds, fruits, nuts and protein crisps could help control blood sugar levels. They conducted clinical trials testing blood glucose levels after eating our snacks. This certifies that our products are truly low glycemic index.

We tapped into the expertise of dietitians at Nutrition for NON-Nutritionists to make sure our snacks met the nutritional criteria for source of fiber, low sugar and portion control.