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It Started as a Simple Lunch Between Two Old Friends

Co-Founders Dan and Sam had recently retired from a major consumer goods company they’d worked at for many years and had gotten together to talk about what they might do next. Golf? Relax on the beach? Travel? Once in a while, maybe, but after years of corporate life, they were ready for some more interesting challenges. As they talked, they discovered they had something else in common. Dan’s teenage son had just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, while Sam had been informed he had Type 2 pre-Diabetes. They were struck by how complicated the new diet instructions were, and how few good snack food options were available in the grocery store. They talked to another former colleague, Sameh, and he agreed there was a big opportunity to help people with food related health concerns eat better. Maybe they should start a nutrition company. With all their experience, how hard could it be?

Actually, it was Pretty Hard

Making healthy snacks was easy enough. Making tasty snacks was fairly easy too. There were already lots of those on the market. But making something that tasted truly great, made with wholesome, natural ingredients, with nutritional benefits for everyone, including people with food related health concerns such as Diabetes … that was a big challenge.

Dan, Sam and Sameh worked with nutrition experts at Diabetes Canada and the University of Toronto to better understand what nutritional features would benefit people. They worked with consumer research companies to better understand what problems people were having with their food, what needs weren’t being met. They worked with a number of ingredients suppliers to find unique ingredients that were healthy and natural but also delicious. They met with countless contract manufacturers, considering many options, before they found the perfect partner for their first product line. A gourmet chocolatier who wouldn’t compromise great taste for great health. It had to be both. Period.

Now, after years of work, what started as a simple lunch between two old friends has led to something much more. The launch of Bridgepeak Nutrition’s first line of products – 70% Dark Chocolate Bark.

And that is Just The Beginning